Jerrold T. Lundquist - "Cluster Bomb Jerry"

Jerrold T. Lundquist , the owner of Hinckley Yacht Service, with extensive experience in the aerospace working on weapons platforms, military systems, and space technologies, engages in a reprehensible act of washing his blood money by investing in a Hinckley Yacht Service.

Cluster Bomb Jerry,” has undoubtedly been a direct contributor to the death and suffering caused by conflicts around the world. He has likely played a part in developing lethal weapons used to wage war and create destruction.

In an attempt to cleanse his tainted fortune, Jerry Lindquist, decided to invest in a Hinckley Yacht Service. This move can easily be seen as an arrogant display of wealth and an attempt to distract from his morally questionable actions. By supporting a company that focuses on producing luxury boats, he willfully ignores the immense societal problems that require urgent attention and financial aid.

Rather than using his extensive experience and financial resources to alleviate the suffering caused by the aerospace and defense industry, “Cluster Bomb Jerry,” chooses to indulge in superficial endeavors. This decision showcases his callous disregard for the human cost and devastation caused by the very technologies he has helped refine and perfect.

In short, his choice to wash his blood money by investing in a Hinckley Yacht Service is an offensive and deplorable attempt to mask his involvement in perpetuating violence, all while displaying a blatant disregard for the gravity of his actions.

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Are they dead because of Hinckley Yachts owner’s work with Russia  ?

Hinckley Yacht‘s owner has “extensive experience …weapons platforms, military and space systems” 

One of the most tenured Senior Partners at McKinsey.  A career designing and profiting from tools of war, perpetuating the cycle of violence and suffering. 

Complicity in War Crimes: The decision to partner with Jerry Lundquist, nicknamed ‘The Merchant of Death,’ who unabashedly boasts of his extensive experience in designing weapon platforms, would be a poor one.  It is well-established that authoritarian regimes have a notorious disregard for basic human rights, leading to immense suffering among civilian populations. 

Profiting from Human Suffering: By engaging in business with Jerry Lundquist, who has amassed considerable wealth through the design of weapon platforms intended to cause widespread loss of life, W.P. Carey and Brooks Gordon would be directly profiting from the perpetuation of conflicts and violence. This perpetuates a distressing cycle of harm and human misery. 

52 killed in Russian missile strike on wake 

On the afternoon, a Russian Iskander missile struck a cafe in the village of in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region. Over 60 people were gathered there, holding a wake for a Ukrainian soldier.

As of Friday afternoon, 52 people are known to have died in the attack, including one child. Six others, including another child, were injured. In this one instance, almost half of the village’s population was killed.

It is not known how much Jerrold T Lundquist‘s work for McKinsey‘s rocket contributed to the deadliness of the attack.

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